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Trusting When It Doesn't Make Sense - Samonna Watts


On Monday, life was beautiful! Blue skies, School runs, birthday parties, play dates, and cartoons rounded out our days. We were truly, happy. It’s been said that “ignorance is bliss” and believe me when I tell you; we resided quite comfortably on “Bliss Avenue.” So, when Tuesday’s gray skies rolled in, we were wholly unprepared for the challenges those six little letters would present. c a n c e r. In what seemed like a breath, our schedules changed to accommodate Doctor’s appointments, surgeries, chemo, and recovery. As a parent, I know I'm prepared to deal with anything that affects my health. I’m an adult, and I'm strong. And there are always, possibilities. But what do I do when the patient is my child? As people of faith, you might think we took this all in stride. Let me assure you; we did not. It was in those still small moments where our questions took center stage, and our faith was put on trial. Brayden & SaMonna Watts are cut from a different cloth. This book is their story of tragedy, triumph and new beginnings.

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